Who Are We?

It’s always been this way. The harp and the shamrock against the crown and the red hand. It’s traditional. Not complicated. After all, you can’t have it both ways can you?

We all have rights you know. It’s good to remember that some people have other priorities as well as religion and politics. The environment, gender equality and sexuality for example. Not to mention music, laughter, money, coffee, sport and everything else besides…

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"OK this is just a little exercise..."

"I want you guys to give me examples of things that Catholics and Protestants have in common...

That’s actually a difference...quite a big difference.

Now, back to similarities.

Again, what we have there is a difference....

Can you think of ANYTHING that unites every single person in this room?"

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Cé leis an Ghaeilge? (Who owns Irish?)

Ulster says Ireland Forever!

King Billy in Dublin

Poor Old Woman?

Hunger Striker

Symbols are simple. People are complex.

Not all nationalists are Catholics.

The Orangemen of the Falls Road (LOL)

The Dubliner who wore this is a unionist hero.

Treasure Ireland

The Bobby and the Guard

Sisters are doing it for us all.

It’s not an idea, it’s a demand

Alternative Ulster?

Just incase you don’t know what I believe in...

Coins for causes

It’s not always about orange and green.

Will love tear us apart again?

Will Brexit ever be done?

Irish for all

We’ll all lose our human rights if the world ends

Civil Rights and Civil Wrongs

Who’s Right?

Two traditions one belief

The prop that became famous

Friends across the barricade

The Writing’s on the Wall for sectarianism.

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